Put your online
Grocery Storefront in
your Customer's Pocket

Allow your customers to shop from their mobile devices with your online grocery store app.


In this era, physical stores are not the only ways to sell. Otrack helps you to build your online business and manage payments, order, and inventory. Oh, and did we mention that your customers will receive automatic notifications about curbside pickup or out for delivery when the order is ready? Yes, Otrack helps you manage all of that..

Personalized Web <br /> & Store App

Personalized Web
& Store App

Provide great experience to your customers using your own personal branding

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options

Allow your customers the freedom to pay through cards or at store securely. Major payment gateways accepted.

Loyal customer base

Loyal customer base

Provide your authentic brand value to customers by controlling all aspects of your business like pricing, discounts, pickup/delivery options etc.

Seamless ordering experience

Seamless ordering experience

Provide seamless shopping experience using our online grocery platform and deliver it on website and app.


Concentrate on your business, let us deal with the rest

What Makes Us Different

We do not just provide software but we will do whatever it takes to onboard you on our system by helping you organize your products, inventory, images etc. so you can have the ultimate experience that Otrack grocery platform provides. Your success is our success and therefore we will provide our expert advice on operations, marketing, optimization, branding and several others.

Strength your
customer loyalty

Protect your hard-earned brand reputation, share of basket, customer relationships and digital future by delivering your own personalized platform to your customer. Otrack clients receive unparalleled support team that focused on helping you grow and provides you the digital platform where you are in charge and control every aspect of your online business.

Expand your Digital footprint

We are building bridges in digital e-commerce in order to
connect the retailer's goal to reality.

Complete solution for your Online Presence

Your online presence is what helps businesses grow by having a high visibility among potential customers. Any business, big or small, should have the online presence expansion as a key part of their online marketing strategy.

Give your shoppers a direct way to order without any middleman

Get useful analytics and insights about customers

Entice customers to shop promotions, discounts or more

Receive unparalleled support and operational advice


Clients Say

We do not only provide the online grocery platform but we also offer a wide array of related services such as our expert advice on operations, marketing, website optimization, branding and several others.

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