Create orders
and invoices
Otrack helps businessess to process their orders and invoices quickly by automating the order and invoice creation through historical knowledge. LEARN MORE

Mobile Invoicing with Email

Quickly create invoices using past orders history and email to the customers right away.


Payments can be settled against any chosen invoice or using the intelligent payment system that can settle invoices based on the payment amount. Partial payments and overpayments can be done and overpayment credit can be applied against any invoice.

User Experience

The user-friendly user interface helps to perform the most operations on any device with ease.

Barcode scanning and bluetooth printing

Creating orders quickly using barcodes either using mobile or external barcode reader. Invoices can be printed easily with or without barcodes using Bluetooth printer through mobile.

Accounting integration

Sync your orders, payments, credit memos, purchase bills, and product inventory to the accounting software e.g. Quickbook automatically using Otrack synching software. The accounting system will always have accurate and up to date data.

Support Center

24/7 technical help and support using online live chat during business hours and offline ticketing system during off-hours.

Stay Organized Effortlessly

Otrack helps you to create professional and easy to understand invoice for your customers. The invoice displays detail information including suggested retail amount and complete barcode for all items.

Otrack creates Edi and invoice in PDF format for the backoffice software used by your customers. You can apply payment on spot and track your daily sales and collections effectively.

Most efficient user friendly interface

By combining user experience and powerful backend AI allow user to achieve efficient results, Focus on each customer with their specific need and wants


Quick Invoice: Otrack Quick Invoice feature help user to understand the seasonal sales forecast, high low trends, predicting product growth and provide them quick overall customer sales summary.

Scan Product: add product into your order by scanning barcode for fast and quick process.     

Barcode Invoicing: Otrack offer unique option for user to print barcode on customer invoice.

EDI File: Leave behind your all competition in new advance technology race, impress your customer with hassle free EDI file to quickly import invoice into your customer  backoffice, add all new product into POS and update product SRP and cost all on just one click.